ssd vs hddThere is a big debate among the world of gamers on the topic whether SSD’s are better or are HDD’s better for gaming. One part says that SSD is the best solution for gaming, while other say that the HDD is the best to use if you are an avid fan of playing video games. Let find out briefly about what HDD is, what SSD is, and which one could be better to use for gaming.

What in the world is an SSD?

The SSD is an abbreviation for Solid-State Drive. If you want to know exactly what an SSD is, let’s compare the SSD with a USB stick. Everyone knows that a USB stick is a memory stick with a maximum capacity in it. Now let’s imagine an SSD as an enormous USB stick. In reality, an SSD is just a bigger version of the USB stick. Like every USB memory stick, the SSD doesn’t possess any moving part. The information on the SSD is stored on the drive’s microchips. An SSD uses something that is called NAND-based flash memory, which means none of your data can be lost.

What is an HDD?

The HDD is an abbreviation, and it stands for Hard Disk Drive. Hard disk drives are on the market since the mid of the 1950’s. HDD’s main purpose is to use magnetism to store data on spinning platters.

The advantages of an SSD

SSD’s are a lot faster than standard HDD’s, which means they are also better for gaming performance and SSD can store your memory for over 150 years. Unlike the HDD, a standard SSD doesn’t use a mechanical arm that does the reading and the writing of the data, but rather a processor that controls all of the reading and writing. SSD’s today have enormous speeds of writing and reading data, up to 1GB/s, which only a few of HDD can do. The last but not least advantage of an SSD is that they are a lot smaller and more practical than an HDD.

The advantages of the Hard Disk Drives

The main advantage of an HDD is that it has a large storage capacity. Also, a hard disk drive stores data a lot faster than the floppy disks. The other main advantage of an HDD is that it is very cheap.

What is better for gaming – HDD or SDD?

To conclude this, we have to compare both HDD’s and SSD’s. The advantages of HDD over an SSD are that an HDD is cheaper than the SSD, it has bigger storage capacity, and the last advantage is that it has a better lifespan than an SSD.

The advantages of SSD over HDD are that an SSD is always faster than an HDD. Also a Solid-State Drive uses less energy than HDD, further, an SSD produces less noise than the standard HDD. Last but not least, SSD is more durable than the HDD.

In conclusion and considering all of the advantages and cons of both HDD and SDD, we can tell certainly that it is better to buy a gaming laptop with SSD for gaming purposes. HDD are the things of the past in the world of gaming.



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